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Our UrbanInsight and UrbanAlert solutions provide a service critical to the success of our customers.

How do we guarantee our solutions' success?

We use UrbanInsight and UrbanAlert in our own business every day. This insight and perspective help us with improvements to ensure system resilience and robustness.

With UrbanAlert monitoring 365 days a year x 24 hours a day, [ui!] and client administrators are alerted and can rapidly remediate any issues.

Australian based team

Our Australian based in-house Service Support Team works closely with our customers to develop flexible service support options to suit their organisation's needs.

Service Support Portal

Customers log service support tickets using the [ui!] Service Support Portal, an online cloud-based customer engagement platform.

The Service Support Portal provides full transparency on the status of support requests and enables direct communication between our Service Support Team and our customers, facilitating quick issue resolutions.

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Services we also offer

  • Configuration to match your devices, connectivity, data and user profiles
  • Bespoke customisation to meet your unique requirements 
  • Continued customer support through a service portal and information sources
  • Email and SMS messaging subscriptions for alerts and forecasts to your external stakeholders

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